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The Fitness team at the Royal Tennis Club of San Sebastián divides its activity between training rooms (2 fitness rooms + The Box functional training room), personal training sessions, and directed activities held throughout the week at the Club. The schedule for these activities exceeds 100 hours per week, encompassing a wide variety of directed modalities.

Our team is professional and top-notch. As part of our commitment to providing quality, experience, and excellence, we offer you a dedicated professional team that will assist you in achieving your sports goals with complete confidence and safety.

They engage with and invest in our members and clients, turning the sports experience into a success in terms of results and personal satisfaction. Furthermore, simply by being a member with access to the fitness room at the Royal Tennis Club of San Sebastián, our team will aid you in achieving your goals by creating a workout plan for the gym.

Latest technology
Multimedia connection

Panoramic views
La Concha Bay

Customized plans
On-site supervision

Tennis building

The fitness room at the Royal Tennis Club of San Sebastián is a 140m2 space located on the first floor of the building, with impressive views of La Concha Bay.

It features state-of-the-art Technogym cardiovascular and strength training equipment, connected to applications such as Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, or web connectivity.

The room also has areas for free weights and stretching, and is fully air-conditioned. Qualified personnel are available from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 9 pm and Saturdays from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm to assist with personalized training plans.

‘La Piscina’ building

The fitness room at ‘La Piscina’ is a spacious 240m2 area that offers stunning views of the garden, Urgull, and Santa Clara Island.

The room is equipped with the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art Precor machinery, featuring television and internet access.

It includes an extensive cardiovascular area, strength training section, free weights area, and stretching zone. Qualified staff is available from Monday to Sunday.

There’s also an outdoor space in the garden for stretching, bar exercises, floor workouts, and a mini climbing wall.

The Box

The Box is a 100m2 functional training room that offers the freedom to train in an open and spacious environment, designed for metabolic and free weight strength exercises as well as functional workouts. In addition to personal training sessions, The Box also offers directed classes.

– An exclusive training room for functional exercises.
– High-quality equipment, including TRX suspension straps, 8 Olympic bars, and an Omnia station and triple rack.
– A Skill run curved treadmill.
– 5 Total Training classes available each week.

Personal training sessions

The Royal Tennis Club of San Sebastián reinvents the concept of personal training with the launch of the Training Studio. A thorough, personalized, and exclusive plan designed solely for you to achieve your goals.
The experience of the Royal Tennis Club of San Sebastián and the professionalism of our team combine forces to make personal training a complete success, all for you.

• Personal training – training studio is a quality service based on knowledge, trust, and close interaction with the client to help them achieve their goals progressively and effectively.
• The main objective of this section is to bring about lasting changes in the quality of life through movement.
• We assess the client through a series of functional tests and regularly perform anthropometric measurements to both motivate and objectively measure ongoing progress.
• This service is intended for all age groups, regardless of their goals and objectives: sports performance, injury recovery, weight loss, muscle gain, etc.






  • Borja Morcillo

  • Ismael Rivera






Training sessions Club Member Non-club member
INDIVIDUAL 50.00€ 65.00 €
5-session package 240.00 € 310.00 €
10-session package 450.00 € + Free assessment 615.00 € Assessment included
20-session package 830.00 + Free assessment 1.100.00 € Assessment included


Training sessions Club member Non-club member
Two people 81,00€ 100,00 €
5-session package 375,00 € 470,00 €
10-session package 710,00 € + Free assessment 880,00 € Assessment included
20-session package 1300,00 + Free assessment 1640,00 € Assessment included


All our male and female instructors, whether for the gym or for activities, will guide you to find the instructor who best suits your needs. If you want more information or wish to directly hire the services of our Training Studio, you can call 943313174.


Personal training

Experienced instructors

Classes with a fixed instructor

Continuous supervision

Higher athletic performance

Limited spots

Interpersonal distancing

Coached activities

To attend the activities, you will need to make a reservation in advance. This reservation will be requested through the MYWELLNESS APP available on the Apple Store and the Play Store (and on other platforms), 3 days before the class starts, starting at 10:00 AM.

Reservations will be closed 5 minutes before the start of the classes and can be canceled up to two hours before. Not canceling and not attending the class will result in the inability to book a class for 24 hours. Reservation limit: three classes per day.

Low intensity

Medium intensity

High intensity


Yoga / Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga is a practice that connects the body, breath, and mind. This practice uses physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation to improve overall health.

Functional mobility

Session aimed at those individuals who wish to progress in their training and achieve improvements in terms of health, sports performance, and quality of life. It is a medium-intensity activity suitable for any user profile.


Its goal is to strengthen the body and mind from the deepest to the most superficial layers, blending and connecting muscular dynamism and strength with mental control, relaxation, and breathing. It’s a discipline that combines techniques from gymnastics, ballet, and yoga.

Healthy back

Healthy Back is a low-impact activity designed specifically to prevent or reduce back problems through muscle toning and stretching.

Cardio activities


Get in shape while engaging in this cardiovascular training inspired by martial arts, which serves to release stress and tension.

Cycling virtual

Cardiovascular work on a stationary bicycle to the rhythm of the music. Classes are taught with projected animation and virtual music.


High-density interval training. It’s fast, intense, and allows you to burn calories like no other workout.

Group Cycle

Cardiovascular work on a stationary bicycle to the rhythm of the music. Classes can be led by either a real or virtual instructor.

Toning activities


Strength training to improve your running performance.

CORE Les Mills

Core work: abdomen, lower back, hips, and glutes. Improvement of the abdomino-lumbar muscles.


Group classes of suspension training. The user’s hands or feet are typically supported by a single anchoring point, while the opposite end of the body is in contact with the ground.

Total Training

Functional workouts that use various materials focused on postural control, while simultaneously working the entire body intensely and efficiently.


Muscle strengthening class. Body control and strength tone your body.

Bodypump Les Mills

Muscle strengthening, toning, and definition. All coordinated with a rhythmic methodology.


Toning of glutes, abdomen, and legs.


The idea is to alternate short periods of high-intensity cardiovascular exercise with periods of rest.



Sessions aimed at stretching and flexibility work.


Combined session of cardiovascular and toning work in the water, accompanied by musical support. This activity requires a pool fee.

Body Balance Les Mills

Flexibility, balance, strength, relaxation… We combine different disciplines such as Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates.

Hypopressive exercises

Work without pressure on the abdominal cavity to improve urinary incontinence, postpartum issues, back, circulation, sports performance, posture…

Maintenance gymnastics

Physical activity aimed at improving health, toning, and flexibility. Suitable for people of all age ranges.


It allows us to gain a greater range of motion in our joints, providing us with safer and more efficient movement. It prevents limitations in movement and helps to prevent potential injuries.


The foam roller will enhance your physical activity by boosting your results and reducing the risk of injuries. Don’t miss out on everything it can offer you.

Slow fit

If you’re feeling out of shape, looking to strengthen your muscles, and improve your physical condition, we can help you thanks to our training methodology that allows people of all kinds to get in shape.


Jazz dance

Modern dance class with energetic movements. Emphasizes body line and torso mobility. Fast and precise leg work.


Discipline that combines physical activity and training by mixing dance and physical conditioning.

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