at sunrise or sunset
at La Concha


Immerse yourself in the magic of Donostia’s sunrises or sunsets. An explosion of colors impossible to explain. Aboard a kayak or paddle surf, we will tint the moment with pink, orange, and sky blue in the middle of the horizon and the Beautiful Easo. We can’t explain it to you. You have to experience it.

You choose kayak or paddle surf.

The schedule depends on the time of year. It will appear in the reservation.


Prices per person 25,00€ 57,50€ 30,00€
Cómo reservar

Online purchase

You can purchase any of our activities on line.

Traditional method

Contact us by phone at 943 21 59 81 – 943 31 31 74 or by email at or via the contact form below.


At the time of confirming the reservation, each customer expressly assumes all of the following general conditions. In the event that one person registers another/s, he/she assumes on their behalf all and each one of the following general conditions.


In the field of adventure sports and specifically those developed at sea, there is a potential risk inherent in their nature. The decision to participate in these activities implies that the participant assumes the inherent risk of the activity and must be based on an understanding of these realities.

1. The team of monitors and guides of the Real Club de Tenis de San Sebastián (hereinafter RCTSS) have the necessary preparation and experience for the activity they carry out. The safety during the duration of the activity depends to a large extent on following their instructions and guidelines.

2. The activities and courses offered by the RCTSS are subject to the conditions of the environment in which they take place and to the participants. For this reason, they may undergo modifications before or during their development (sudden changes in the sea, weather conditions, physical problems of the participants, etc.). In the event of cancellation by the RCTSS, the reservation holder and all persons grouped therein shall be entitled to postponement, substitution for another equal or similar activity, or a full refund of the amount paid.

3. In the event that the reservation holder decides to cancel for any other personal reason, the conditions described in the cancellation section will apply.

4. The reservation holder is responsible for any medical condition, whether his/her own or that of companions, regardless of its nature and origin. Please consult with your doctor before participating in the activity. Likewise, the reservation holder, as well as the entire group, undertake not to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or narcotics, or any other medication that may affect the development of the activity or alter psychomotor skills.

5. To participate in water activities, it is mandatory to know how to swim. The conditions and minimum ages necessary to participate are specified in the description of each activity/course. Minors under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult over 18 years old when required by the Club. In certain activities, minors aged between 16 and 17 may participate with written permission from their legal guardians.

6. The person making the reservation accepts the intrinsic risk associated with each activity and especially the measures taken to prevent the risk of COVID-19 transmission, and therefore the physical, technical, and psychological requirements that must be met to carry out these activities, whether imposed by the RCTSS or by the health authorities at the time of the activity.

7. The customer, as well as the entire accompanying group, are obliged to follow the instructions of the RCTSS guide team, respect the environment, and are responsible for maintaining good group harmony. In the event of non-compliance with any of the above, the RCTSS reserves the right of admission without the possibility of refunds. Likewise, failure to comply with the regulations applied to the prevention of COVID-19 regarding the allocation of appropriate hygienic-sanitary measures may result in the application of the general regulations of the RCTSS as well as the police notification of the events that occurred.

8. If the customer acts on behalf of a collective or group of people, he/she undertakes to forward the informed consent information and the contracting conditions to his/her representatives.

9. Excluded services will be those not indicated in the included section.

10. Complaint forms are available to customers at the general access points of the RCTSS.

11. The customer authorizes the RCTSS to use photographs taken during the activity for internal and external purposes, including their use in promotional material and advertising activities, which may be used in publications of any physical, digital, or audiovisual channel. Any attendee may exercise their explicit right to object to the purpose of data collection.

12. Adverse weather conditions such as rain will not be considered for the cancellation of the activity and refund of the previously paid amount. Only yellow, orange, and red alerts for maritime conditions or wind that make normal development impossible will be considered for the cancellation of the activity. Likewise, unfavorable conditions that the RCTSS considers make it impossible to carry out the activity.

13. The section on weight, height, and level within reservations is not mandatory. By providing this information, the RCTSS will provide equipment tailored to the user’s needs, and the time for attention and preparation will be shorter.

14. In the event of adverse weather and maritime forecasts, the RCTSS reserves the right to cancel hours or full days within the activity reservation calendar, as well as rentals.

15. It is recommended to arrive at the meeting point for the start of the activity, previously marked, with 10-15 minutes in advance. This way, you can fully enjoy the contracted activity.


1. Reservations, rentals, and scheduled activities
To make the reservation, the total amount must be paid. Until payment is made, the reservation is not considered confirmed or valid.

2. Reservations for tailored activities
To make a reservation for the activity, the total amount must be paid. Until payment is made, the reservation is not considered confirmed or valid.

3. Cancellations of rentals and scheduled activities
The customer may withdraw from the requested, contracted, or reserved services, being entitled to a refund of the amounts paid. Cancellation of the activity between 72h and 24h before the start of the activity incurs a penalty of 50% of the amount paid. The penalty for cancellation between 24h and 0h before the start of the activity will result in no refund of the total amount already paid. Failure to appear on the date and time indicated by the RCTSS, by digital, verbal, or telephone means, will result in no refund of 100% of the amount already paid.

4. Cancellations of tailored activities
In the event of modifying the number of participants 72h before the activity, the new total price will be recalculated based on the tables according to available activities on the website. The cancellation of one or more participants 72h to 24h before the activity incurs a penalty of 50% on the proportional amount paid by the person(s) canceling. The cancellation of one or more participants within 24h before the activity incurs a penalty of 100% on the proportional amount paid by the person(s) canceling. Failure to appear on the date and time indicated by the Real Club de Tenis de San Sebastián will result in no refund of the amount previously paid.

5. Medical cancellations
In the event of cancellation due to a justified medical reason or death of any level of kinship, the RCTSS will offer a valid voucher for one natural year to carry out the contracted activity. In case of choosing to cancel the reservation, the previously described conditions will apply.

6. Insurance
The price of programs, activities, courses, and rentals includes civil liability and accident insurance. Complete information on the conditions and coverage of the insurance is available to customers at the RCTSS offices and will be sent by email to those who request it.

It is mandatory to correctly, truthfully, and completely fill in each field referring to each of the participants on the RCTSS

·In case of adverse conditions, the possibility of making reservations will be blocked. Refunds or date changes will be offered to those affected by cancellations due to rough seas. There is a possibility that, during the reservation, the sunrise or sunset may not be visible due to weather conditions. In such a case, no refund is possible. Please read the cancellation conditions.

· Arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of the reservation in order to fully enjoy the reserved time.


• Technical material (SUP/kayak, paddle, neoprene, invention and life jacket)
• Certified instructor IOSUP (Spanish surfing federation) or Basque canoeing federation
• Changing room service (locker and hot shower)
• Sure


• Low
• Duration: 1.5h


• Any person who meets the requirements of the activity.
• People who know how to swim.
• The minimum age is 10 years.


• Swimsuit.

• Sunscreen.
• Tape to secure glasses.
• Towel


The meeting time for the start of the activity will always be 1.5 hours before sunset on the scheduled day.

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  • 2/5
  • 3/5
  • 4/5

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How to arrive

Our activity base is located in Donosti/San Sebastian, specifically on Eduardo Chillida promenade number 9. There is public parking available for cars in the same location. Although it is easily reachable on foot or by bus from any point in the city.


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