Fees 2024

Member’s fees

ENROLLMENT FEE (For a limited period, no enrollment fee for new sign-ups).


Individual fee

(under 18 years old)

Individual fee

(over 18 years old)

Without access to the gastronomic club 0,00€ 0,00€ 0,00€
With access to the gastronomic club 600,00€ 600,00€ 600,00€

(1) Male and female members under 18 CANNOT make society reservations. However, there is the possibility of registering with the right to make society reservations starting at 18 years old.


Services included in the BASIC FEE: court rental, dry sauna, relaxation area, steam bath, and natural solarium. Family fee:
includes parents and children under 21 years old.
NOTE: Membership fees are due at least quarterly and will be charged at the beginning of each quarter; no refunds will be issued
in case of early termination within the quarter. According to the social statutes, any member who falls into arrears for more than 3 months
will lose their membership status. To terminate membership, it is necessary to do so in person at the Club’s offices or by email at
correo@rctss.com before the natural end date of the quarter. The conditions outlined in this brochure are effective as of 1/1/2024. The
RCTSS reserves the right to modify conditions at any time. The club will be closed on January 1st, January 20th, and December 25th. Required documentation: completed registration form and payment authorization.

Annual payment fee

Monthly price


-21 years old +21 years old Family fee
Wellness fee: all services included 66,00€ 78,00€ 128,00€
Fitness + swimmingpool 55,50€ 68,00€ 110,50€
Basic fee: tennis + padel 32,00€ 44,50€ 75,00€

semi-annual payment fee

Monthly price


-21 years old +21 years old Family fee
Wellness fee: all services included 69,50€ 82,00€ 134,50€
Fitness + swimmingpool 58,50€ 71,50€ 116,00€
Basic fee: tennis + padel 33,50€ 46,50€ 79,00€

Quarterly payment fee

Monthly price


-21 years old +21 years old Family fee
Cuota Wellness (todos los servicios) 79,00€ 93,50€ 154,00€
Fitness + piscina 66,50€ 81,50€ 132,50€
Cuota básica: tenis + pádel 38,00€ 53,00€ 89,00€

Services with additional cost


Racket and Paddle Rental 2,00€ 5,00€ 2,00€
Towel Rental 2,00€ 2,20€ 2,00€
Shower Access X 5,45€ X
10-Towel Pass 17,00€ X 17,00€
20-Towel Pass 30,00€ X 30,00€
1-Day Pool Access 7,00€ X 7,00€*
Sea school key 12,00€ X X
Gastronomic Club Key 12,00€ X X
Locker key 10,00€ X X
Rotatory key X 10,00€ X
Gastronomic Club Maintenance Fee (Annual Payment) Individual 56,40€ X X
Gastronomic Club Maintenance Fee (Annual Payment) Family 84,00€ X X

*Not applicable with a Citizen Sports Card


PRICE PER LOCKER 38,00€ 21,50€

Temporary Passes (- 3 months of enrollment)

Fitness + Activities + Pool


1 day 1 week 15 days 1 month
Individual fee 21,00€ 52,00€ 78,00€ 125,00€
Family fee 83,00€ 166,00€ 311,00€ 370,00€
Individual with correspondence 16,00€ 31,00€ 42,00€ 83,00€
Family with correspondence 62,00€ 145,00€ 260,00€ 289,00€

The use of temporary passes in any of their forms does NOT grant full membership status. Therefore, some services with an additional cost will be paid at a different rate than that of a MEMBER.

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